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We have a great line up of summer camps to choose from.  Pick a camp for just one day or for the whole week, mix and match camps for the ultimate summer camp experience!

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Action Packed Play Camp (ages 4-12) We want to bring the “play” back into summer. All campers will get to do just that- “play” in a fun, safe environment and make new friends along the way. Campers will get the freedom to explore at their own pace through different stations such as game stations, arts & craft stations, group games and activities and so much more! What better way to spend a summer day than getting to “play with friends”?

Cheer, Stunt & Tumble Camp (ages 4-12) Cheer, Stunt & Tumble Camp is all about experiencing one of the fastest growing sports in the country: CHEERLEADING! Whether your child is already on a team, wants to prepare for a school team, or simply wants to have some fun, Cheer, Stunt & Tumble Camp is the place to advance your knowledge of the sport. In this high-energy camp, cheerleaders will learn to perform jumps, motions, tumbling, and stunts, as well as learn about showmanship and teamwork.

Fear Factor Camp (ages 5-12) We’re super excited to offer our Fear Factor Camp. Our staff has worked up several terrifying but fun “push you to the limit” challenges. Our goal is to make the kids squeal and squirm with our bizarre, yet fun challenges. Bobbing for apples is too easy? Have you ever bobbed for monster eyes? Come participate in a diaper relay, put your hand in a box of bugs, go slurpin’ for worms, and enjoy some delicious frog egg lemonade. How many points your team earns all depends on your level of courage. Clothes will be splashed, mashed, and possibly dragged through dirt and covered in bugs.

Gymnastics Camp (ages 5-12) Tri-County offers a super “fun-tastic” gymnastics camp that will surely bring out the gymnast in everyone. Each day our campers will have the opportunity to earn different skill and strength achievement ribbons. We will work towards specific goals on all events as well as participate in some energetic games along the way. Our staff will introduce new tricks, new fun & excitement—the excitement of feeling strong!

Lil’ Chef Cooking Camp (ages 5-12) A pinch of this and a lot of that! Does your child like to spend time in the kitchen with you, helping you cook? If so, this camp is perfect for them. They will spend the entire week learning how to make easy, no bake meals with a hands-on opportunity to cook. Foods include main dishes, appetizers and everyone’s favorite – desserts. All ingredients are provided. All cooking campers will leave with their own cookbook at the end of camp on Friday, complete with their favorite recipes – a great gift for you or anyone.

Nerf War Camp (ages 5-11) Nerf Gun: CHECK….Ammunition: CHECK….Plan of attack: CHECK. All that is missing is you, Nerf Warrior! Your child’s excitement will not be contained during our Nerf War extravaganza: featuring tactical training, team building games, target practice and adventures through our geometric maze. We will provide some nerf guns and ammunition for use, but to enhance the fun please bring your favorite Nerf gun to camp.

Ninja Warrior Camp (ages 5-14) Tri-County is excited to have you join us for our famous Ninja Warrior Camp! We will be testing these campers on their balance, endurance, and strength as we take them through our ninja obstacle course and challenge them on the salmon ladder. Each day campers will work both as individuals and in teams to pass different tests and courses in a timely manner to earn points in order to move on to more difficult ones. Campers are guaranteed to climb into fun at our Ninja Warrior Camp. *salmon ladder only at Green Bay location.

Picasso’s Arts & Crafts Camp (ages 4-12)  Let your child’s artistic imagination soar! Your artist is sure to amaze you with their wondrous artistic creations: sand art, sand jewelry, picture frames, tie-dye camp shirts, sun catchers and so much more! These campers will be designing and creating different projects every day, so come to all 5 of the days and let them show off their artistic side. We try very hard to stay as clean as possible, but there is a possibility of stained clothing, please send your camper in clothes that can get messy.

Please Wear My Child Out Camp (age 4-11) Is your child running around your house, up and down, and all around? Let them come run with us at Please Wear My Child Out Kids Camp. We have a jam packed itinerary that is sure to tucker out the most enthusiastic child. Our itinerary of fun will include dodge ball, fort building, tag, hide-n-seek, kickball, arts & crafts, science experiments, cooking, and of course outside activities too!

Super Scrapbooking Camp (ages 4-12) Does your child love to take pictures? Does your family have boxes of old pictures you don’t know what to do with? Give them to your child and send them to Super Scrapbooking Camp. Using tons of artistic creativity, at this camp they will take those pictures and create years of memories and keepsakes-great to keep or give as a gift! Campers will create their own page layouts on specialty papers and embellish them with designs, stickers and stamps. Full week campers will create their own padded album. These albums are great to document family history and show to friends.